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About Side Chops

We could give you the typical post house sales pitch
about how our editors are so on top of their editorial games
they can’t be seen by the naked eye.
Or how our software and equipment is so new and shiny
it doesn’t exist on the normal time-space continuum.
Or how our producers can bend time, space and budgets to their will.

Instead, let’s talk about our love of storytelling.
Our respect for Christopher Nolan movies, 80’s New Wave and video games that require no more than two buttons.
How music defines the most important moments of our lives. How experiences win over “stuff.”
Let’s talk about why we should all take road trips with our families.
Where to find the best margarita and Sunday brunch.
How winning a poker hand is more fulfilling than any perfect grade we scored in school.

Because, ultimately, what makes a post house great isn’t what they can do or even what they’ve done.
It’s who they are.

Side Chops is a creative collective of talented people who cherish the experiences of life
and strive to communicate those experiences through the work we create.
We bring that same interest, excitement and care to your story.
And that’s a lot more important than the typical post house sales pitch.



What We Do

Creating content for all channels.


Creative Editorial

Two on-staff editors with years of experience working with clients from across the US on projects large and small.



Full production capabilities with our on-staff director. Or we can pull together any size team to bring your story to life.



Sure we love the creative process, but we’re also comfortable handling the heavy lifting after the creative is complete.





March of Dimes
Stage Stores
American Heart Association


Our Latest

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Four Corners Brewery – El Chingon

Dallasites love their beer about as much as they love the Cowboys. So, of course, when we had the chance to help spotlight one of our local Dallas breweries we jumped at it. Read more

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