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Katy Trail Dental

Nothing says adulting quite like a morning cup of strong coffee, a lunch with a diet Dr. Pepper and a relaxing evening with a glass of red wine. But you know what really makes you a grown up? Putting forth actual effort to practice good dental hygiene and repair the damage to your teeth caused by all the things you drink on your typical adult day. Read more

Choice Cuts – Jason Chalker

Dallas has always been home to gifted minds that have contributed in making our city all kinds of awesome. Lately it seems as if our beloved city is having a bit of a creative renaissance. So we at Side Chops thought what better time to spotlight a few visionaries currently making Dallas proud with their work and abilities. We’re showcasing them in a video series called Choice Cuts.

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Dallas Addy Awards

Side Chops Editor Joe Harris was tapped to create promos showcasing the top ad talent in Dallas for the 2016 Dallas Addy Awards. The awards took the form of a fantasy football draft and each spot in the the series focused in on one well-known (or not so well-known) Dallas creative, telling why they’d make a great pick for your fantasy advertising team. Get ready for the draft!


2015 State Fair of Texas

Fried foods, stomach turning rides and leftover coupons in our jean pockets. These are just a few things Side Chops encountered when we recently took a trip to the State Fair of Texas. We decided to take along our handy dandy camera and shoot a few things around the fair grounds. 5 hours and 10 pounds later we had enough fair day fun caught on camera to last exactly one year. Just try not to get hungry.