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Hughes Quarter Horses

Like most good Texans, we love horses. The bond between horse and rider is something truly unique. Director/Editor Joe Harris spent some time at Hughes Quarter Horses showing off their idyllic Burleson ranch, some beautiful horses and that special bond. Read more

Spa Habitat

There’s almost nothing better than the feeling of a great massage, not only are your muscles relieved of stress but your mind gets a much needed break as well. We recently had the pleasure of working with Spa Habitat to help tell their story of using all natural products to give their clients the farm to spa experience. Read more


From Sonny and Cher (for a few years anyway) to chicken and waffles (practically perfect in every way), we love a good partnership. Especially one with a company that not only respects our work but admires it as well. LimeGreen came to us to help them beef up Bengay’s social media presence and we were more than happy to oblige. Read more

Layne’s Chicken Fingers

If you happened to receive your higher learning in College Station (or perhaps attended a kegger there in your formative years) then you’ve most likely experienced the glory that is Layne’s chicken fingers. As the local chicken finger giant prepared to roll out their locations to less maroon parts of Texas, Side Chops was tapped to create fun, lo-res morsels for their social media channels. Read more