2015 State Fair of Texas

Fried foods, stomach turning rides and leftover coupons in our jean pockets. These are just a few things Side Chops encountered when we recently took a trip to the State Fair of Texas. We decided to take along our handy dandy camera and shoot a few things around the fair grounds. 5 hours and 10 pounds later we had enough fair day fun caught on camera to last exactly one year. Just try not to get hungry.

Chase Kerby Electronic Press Kit

During the recording of his 2014 EP “Tidal Friction,”  Chase Kerby invited Oklahoma City Director Chad Bennett into the studio with him. Chad followed the writing and recording process for two days at Lunar Manor, then brought the footage to Side Chops. Shelby Miller worked on the rough assembly, then Joe Harris took over to to complete the piece. Chase has since continued touring and working on his music, and was selected to try out for The Voice in the Fall of 2015.

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