Choice Cuts – F is for Frank

Shosahanna Frank and Casey Melton are the total package. They’re accomplished artists but they’re also successful business women in their own right. Both of them are responsible for some incredibly chic pieces of jewelry that can also stand as thought provoking art pieces. Read more

Choice Cuts – House of MacGregor

Everyone looks pretty darn good in a hat. But some people prefer their look to be extra rather than just good. Especially at the occasional horserace or Sunday service. Chances are those people crossed the doorway of a professional hat maker. We bring you Dallas milliner Cassie MacGregor. Read more

Choice Cuts – Dan Phillips

The third episode in our video series spotlights local Dallas furniture maker Dan Phillips. He’s a painter, a musician, basically a modern day renaissance man. What’s so interesting about his work is that he uses only traditional wood working methods when creating his furniture. Read more

Choice Cuts – Petit Atelier – Tissu

The second entry in our video series focuses on local fashion designers Mario and Michael who own a little shop in Deep Ellum called Petit Atelier. They sketch, they sew and they make the kind of garments you see in the old indie French films you watched in college. Read more

Choice Cuts – Jason Chalker

Dallas has always been home to gifted minds that have contributed in making our city all kinds of awesome. Lately it seems as if our beloved city is having a bit of a creative renaissance. So we at Side Chops thought what better time to spotlight a few visionaries currently making Dallas proud with their work and abilities. We’re showcasing them in a video series called Choice Cuts.

Read more

Stren “Drop A Line” Contest Winners

When Stren chose the first winners of the ‘Drop a Line’ contest to reunite anglers with their friends/family, Side Chops Editor Joe Harris jumped at the opportunity to tell the story of these fishing buddies. Ron Doumitt and Gene Pennington were recently reunited childhood friends who, over a weekend of incredible bass fishing, shared their history and how much they cherish their time together.

Chase Kerby Electronic Press Kit

During the recording of his 2014 EP “Tidal Friction,”  Chase Kerby invited Oklahoma City Director Chad Bennett into the studio with him. Chad followed the writing and recording process for two days at Lunar Manor, then brought the footage to Side Chops. Shelby Miller worked on the rough assembly, then Joe Harris took over to to complete the piece. Chase has since continued touring and working on his music, and was selected to try out for The Voice in the Fall of 2015.

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