March 12, 2018 sidechops

Layne’s Chicken Fingers

If you happened to receive your higher learning in College Station (or perhaps attended a kegger there in your formative years) then you’ve most likely experienced the glory that is Layne’s chicken fingers. As the local chicken finger giant prepared to roll out their locations to less maroon parts of Texas, Side Chops was tapped to create fun, lo-res morsels for their social media channels.

Since 1994, Layne’s and their Secret Sauce have been an Aggieland tradition and with plans to expand to DFW, Editor Shelby Miller partnered with agency Sly Fox to help the brand take flight. The series of three spots came together quickly with purposely grainy footage and blurry supers to call to mind newsreel footage of the space race. The campaign rolled out in March and has helped the chain blast off to new frontiers. In Allen. Texas.