March 14, 2018 sidechops

J&P Cycles

Working on a project with your friends can easily turn work into fun. Imagine our excitement when our BFF and all around badass creative Ryan Everett hit us up to travel to Daytona with him to shoot and edit some employee testimonials for J&P Cycles. We sent our director/editor Joe Harris to shoot some motorcycles and cool guys with beards.Best week ever for Joe? Possibly. Awesome testimonial video from Side Chops? Definitely.

You can really feel the pride and passion for motorcycles and working for J&P from each and every employee featured in the video. Joe was there to capture every smile (and tattoo) and we think it shows through in the finished spots. We’re also pretty sure that he is now addicted to fried alligator. We hear it tastes just like chicken. But we digress. Check out the work to see J&P’s love for all things with two wheels.


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