March 9, 2018 sidechops

House of MacGregor

Everyone looks pretty darn good in a hat. But some people prefer their look to be extra, rather than just good. Especially at the occasional horserace or Sunday service. Chances are those people crossed the doorway of a professional hat maker. We bring you Dallas milliner Cassie MacGregor. Calling Cassie a milliner is basically just an elaborate way of saying that she is an awesome hat maker. And she’s great at what she makes. After getting her start in ManHATtan (#nopunregrets) she continued her passion for the art of hat making for 15 years. She’s worked at various millineries around the country and finally found a place to hang her beautifully detailed hats in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff. Derby hats from Kentucky are her specialty but Dallas is now her home.


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