September 25, 2017 sidechops

Four Corners – Heart of Texas

If there’s one thing Texans know it’s what alcoholic beverage goes with what meal. Mimosas can go with pretty much any brunch item. And of course a good ribeye steak wouldn’t be complete without a tall glass of red wine. I personally love tacos with a glass of orange juice but it appears that I’m in the minority on that one. Most Texans tend to grab a beer to go along with their authentic street food choices. Four Corners Brewery’s Red Ale, Heart of Texas, wants to be your new beer choice. Once again we partnered with Director Ben Hoffman and DP Mark Fisher who brought us gorgeous footage shot exclusively in and around Dallas. With the help of friend and frequent voice over buddy Ryan Everett, editor Shelby Miller was able to perfectly capture in 30 seconds what makes Heart of Texas a must have ale in any true Texan’s fridge. I’d say mission accomplished and then some. Now does anyone know where I can get some brisket? Fajita nachos maybe?


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