August 22, 2017 sidechops

Choice Cuts – F is for Frank

Shosahanna Frank and Casey Melton are the total package. They’re accomplished artists but they’re also successful business women in their own right. Both of them are responsible for some incredibly chic pieces of jewelry that can also stand as thought provoking art pieces. And if there’s one thing Dallas trendsetters love, it’s wearable art. Wearable art and donuts. Established in 2007, F is for Frank has been casting and creating beautiful jewelry that represents the burgeoning fashion and design community in Dallas. Their newest line, The Folklore collection, is front and center for our newest Choice Cuts piece and we couldn’t be more excited to show the world what these ladies can do with a bowl of melted pewter. Also, melting things is all kinds of cool. Just thought I’d share that with you guys.


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